Company Incorporation @ 5499/- Only (Includes All Taxes)

Start your Company for as low as 5499/- Inclusive all Taxes. Any Government Charges, Stamp Duties, RUN form charges shall be borne by client.

Incorporated company with CIN number, GST Number, PAN, TAN, 3 DIN and 3 DSC.

Filing of 7 forms required for registration.

All Processing by Qualified Professional dedicated to your service.

In depth Call and Email Support solving all your doubts about Company.

Bundle of other Services provided with incorporation.

Features Included in our Registration Process

  • Filing Service of Seperate RUN Form - Name Reservation

  • 3 DSC included in one Token. Additional DSC @ 499/- Only

  • Upto 3 DIN Number Generation for directors

  • Filing of Five forms for Registration - Spice+ , AOA, MOA, Agile Pro, INC - 9

  • Filing of Seperate GST Registration after Incorporation

  • Drafting of MOA and AOA and other Resolutions

  • Preparation of All Documents required for registration

  • Payment Service of all Govement Fees / Stamp Duty

  • PAN Number and Tan Forms

  • Filing of INC - 20A - Commencement of Business

  • Bank Account of your preferred Bank

  • Delivery of Share certificates for all subcribers at Registered office of Company

  • Real Time Tax Consultancy About Company, GST and Income Tax

Documents Required For Company Incorporation

  • 1 Id and Address Proof of Directors - Passport / Driving License/ Bank Statements / Voter Id Card. (Aadhar Not allowed) - Self Attested
  • 2 Copy of Pan Cards of Directors - Self Attested
  • 3 Aadhar Card / Address Proof Required for DSC of Directors
  • 4 Email IDs and Phone Numbers to be registered for directors - Both for MCA and Digital Signatures
  • 5 Photos of Directors - For MCA and Digital Signatures
  • 6 Proof of Registered Address of Company - NOC / Rent Agreement / Consent Letter + Address Proof of the property
  • 7 Signature Specimen for EPFO Registration - Any one Director

Letters / Resolutions / Documents to be signed for Company Incorporation

(We prepare and provide you these forms)

There are forms , Letters and resolutions that would be required to be submitted to Ministry of Corporate affairs for the company Incorporation. These forms shall be provided by us and you only need to verify the details and Sign the same.

  • 1 Form DIR – 2 – Consent to Act as Director - For all Directors
  • 2 Declaration for Non Acceptance of Deposit
  • 3 Interest in other Entity - Interest in Other Companies
  • 4 Articles of Association (AOA)
  • 5 Memorandum of Association
  • 6 Resolution for GST Registration
  • 7 Authorized Signatory Acceptance for GST Registration
  • 8 NOC / Consent Letter for Registered office of the Company.

Detailed Process of Company Incorporation

1. We Talk and consult with you for the Incorporation requirements and Business requirements. . We suggest you better alternatives and solve all your doubts about the company format and its workings.

2. You need to provide us with the documents required for Company Incorporation as mentioned above before we start the process. We make sure your documentation is up to date to have a hassle-free experience.

3. Firstly, a RUN form is filed for which non-refundable government charges are Rs. 1000/- in form of application fees. This form is used to reserve the name of your company. You can choose a total of four names for your company which will be filed with 2 names at names. If those names get rejected, we can apply again with 2 names and no separate Government fees would be charged for the same. In case after both the tries, all four names get rejected, No Refund for the RUN form shall be provided by the MCA.

It is important to note that Filing of RUN form is not mandatory and Incorporation can applied directly without paying the RUN form fees. But, if the name of the company is not approved, than all the forms and formalities have to redone. It leads to filing the entire form again and we have to charge an Administrative Fees of Rs. 1999/- in addition to our normal fees for doing the same work again. Thus, we recommend filing of RUN form and then continue with registration. We don't charge anything extra for filing this Form nor provide any discount if this form is not Filed. But Government Fees of Rs. 1000 is applicable for this form and it increases the incorporation time by 2 Days.

4. Once the Name is approved by RUN form, We start preparing the Documents for company incorporation. We ask for the documents as mentioned above and start preparing the formats as required for registration. This process takes around one day and we send you these formats for you to verify and sign them as required by directors.

5. We verify all the documents provided by you, Arrange them in order, prepare them for filings as per MCA guidelines.

It is to be made sure that all documents are self attested by the owner of the documents.

6. Meanwhile, We also prepare your Digital Signature as these documents are to be uploaded on Government portal and all documents are required to be signed by a Class 2 Digital Signature by the proposed directors of the Company.

If you have Digital Signatures, you can provide us with the same and get a discount of Rs. 999/-.

7. We prepare the Five forms - Viz. Spice+ Form, Agile Pro Form, AOA, MOA, and INC - 9 and Digitally Sign them on your behalf. Once they are prepared, they are uploaded on the MCA portal for the RoC - Registrar of Companies to verify the same.

8. Fees for PAN and TAN applications are paid to MCA which is Rs. 131 to be borne by the Client.

9. Fees for Stamp Duty based on the Authorized Share capital is paid for MOA, AOA and Spice + form.

This fees is minimum Rs. 1510 and more based on your location and Authorized share capital. All Government fees are on actual basis and shall be borne by the client. The fees mentioned are approximate and may change as per Government rules.

10. Once the Registrar of Companies (RoC) is convinced about all your documentations, You get your Company Incorporation Certificate, CIN Number, PAN, TAN, EPF Registration in your email.

11. Based on these Documents, We separately Apply for your GST registration at GST Portal. Its detailed process can be read in our GST Registration Page.

We do not separately charge for GST Registration and it is inclusive our company Incorporation Package. There is an option to Apply for GST registration at the time of company incorporation itself however we do not prefer that method to avoid certain complexities in forms and give you an smooth Experience. This gives us extra trouble which we willingly take to avoid inconvenience to you. We provide a Discount of Rs. 499/- if you do not GST Registration.

12. Once its done, You open the Bank account with your desired Bank and commence the business activity.

13. We need to file one last form INC - 20A which informs RoC (MCA) about the commencement of your business. This form is mandatory to file and Included in our Package. Your Bank statement of company shall be required with certain transactions which are required to be transacted.

Please note while other service providers may not do this, or charge Extra, it is Included in our package.

14. This completes our process of company Incorporation. This entire process may seem lengthy but all the trouble is taken by us. This process is completed by in 3-7 days based on documents supplied by you.


You may have queries. Hence FAQs

Have more questions? Feel free to Contact us . We take pride in solving all our customer queries.

Already Incorporated a Company? Get Other Services

If you are accounting by yourself or have an accountant, We can check your accounts periodically, Match it with GST and Verify the Tax returns so that you don' any troubles in Future.

Get accounts and compliance checking by Qualified professionals. Get detailed pricing by clicking on the link.

(includes an array of services like Monthly Ledger Review + TDS calculation + GST Transaction Review + Matching GSTR 2A and Zero ITC loss)

10 transparency points we want our visitors to know

  • 1 While all our charges are inclusive of taxes, other providers charge Taxes Extra in most cases
  • 2 Tax authorities seek Clarifications and issue notices for various activities like Registrations and Filings. While others may charge extra for these services, We commit no extra charges till you get your service delivered.
  • 3 For every work, We prepare the documents and you only verify and sign. In case of most other providers, you are supplied with Word formats and you fill the documents spending most of your time.
  • 4 We work on client to client basis giving specific solutions to the business requirements while most service providers have predefined actions for common situations
  • 5 What you see is what you pay and there are no seperate documentations, Courier, drafting or hidden charges with us.
  • 6 We offer Services provided by our own dedicated professional however many providers merely outsource the work.
  • 7 We charge as per industry standard and there is no price escalation while many other providersgive you a great deal at first and charge higher later for ancillary services.
  • 8 We complete the work till it is truly completed while many complete the work just after getting you registered and charge you for additional work required to be done after registration.
  • 9 We deliver the work and then ask for payments while other seek payment beforehand for every service you avail.
  • 10 We prefer having small number of clients whom we can serve well while many providers go with numbers and ratings for their brand. This impacts the service and personal touch immensly.

5 Things you need to know while Incorporating Company from an online service provider.

Company Incorporation service is being provided by several online firms and consultants. However, there are various things you need to know before choosing a firm that suits you.

1. Many firms are backed by investors and many firms work by their own capital. This seriously impacts their way of working. The firms backed by investors are more professional to appear and would guide you. But what they lack is a personal touch with clients and having an emotional bonding with clients. We at business helpers believe to have less number but satisfied clients as we are not working for numbers to show our investors how their money is performing.

2. Quality is always over Quantity. Since many service providers go for bulk working with the help of under trained employees and thus offer huge cost savings with registration being done at to good to be true pricing. Company Incorporation is a typical Six to Seven hour process and involves minimum cost Rs. 4,000/- pay to the person Incorporating it. Any one offering a cheap price would be simply reducing the time given to your work. The services performed by us is being performed by Experts and thus giving up the minimum required cost for the work.

3. Hidden Charges and Cost Escalations are performed by few firms in name of documentation charges, Tax Expenses or Notice Reply expenses. At the time of registration, many times you get Notice from the Department which requires a professional attention. Firms charge additional for these replies in turn increasing costs for clients. our price as mentioned above is what you pay us in total. there are no additional charges by any name what so ever.

4. Pay after you are served. Many firms ask you for upfront charges when you go for registration with them. We however charge you only after you have received your registration. In case we believe that you will not get registered due to lack of documents then we tell you that in advance without wasting of your time.

5. Control of your account is very much required. Many firms register their Email and Phone number at the time of registration. They give the reason that it for the good of client and they could provide a faster service. Thus , This locks the client with the firm and the client cannot change anything in his account without the OTPs received in these email and phone numbers. We at Business Helpers have registered only our clients details in the portal.

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