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We have been asked this various times and by almost all our clients. The answer is plain and Simple – Quality surpasses every price. We are Costlier when compared online but far cheaper then offline due to reduction in establishment costs such as Rent, Electricity and Conveyance.

Dedicated CA for all your work

All our services are CA Assisted i.e. all our activities are performed by a Chartered Accountant. We also have a dedicated CA for all the activities. Only the Accounting aspect is performed by trained accountants which is also in fact checked and thoroughly verified by a CA thereon. Every Client gets a dedicated CA to over view their work and talk to them over Call, Email, and whatsapp. It all comes with a price.

Many other service providers who work at rock bottom pricing, have CA hired or CA assistants. The work is outsourced to a CA firm, a knowledgeable firm that has staff and data entry operators to perform these activities. We have seen our competitors offering services for pricing which is 30% of our cost. We can’t imagine which quality of services they might be offering to get your job done. We are not saying that they are defrauding or cheating, but we are definitely assuring that we have a dedicated CA for all the work.

Our Business Our Reputation – No Outsourcing

We do not outsource our work to other firms and companies and thus do not draw any commission or work for commission. All the work is performed by inhouse team of professioanls and thus, we have our reputation at stake with our clients. We also do no got for huge number of clients and keep outsourcing. Our works are limited to a small client base whom we strive to serve best. Our Good work shall bring us praise and wrong work would draw the clients away. This comes in huge when we are talking about customer service and support.

Pay after Work concept

We do not ask for advance payment. We trust our clients that they will definitely pay us and charge them only after completion of service. At times we do have to take followups for the payments and thus slight extra payments is factored in it. Thus we give a 5% instant discount for all our prepaid orders.

Transparent Pricing

We have strict transparent pricing and no fraud with customers’ rule. We show our pricing on the portal and charge only that. We do not charge anything extra in name of documentation, handling, processing, additional work, or any other charges with different names. Its only at the check out you get to know the actual pricing of the other providers.

Confidentiality and No sale of data rule

We are very strict and self-disciplined when it comes to our client’s data. We do not share or sell it to anyone in terms of your Name, Number, personal identity or any data of any sort. Thus we do not get any money for your data. We, in fact, invest in the safety of your data.

Adding personal Touch with clients

Like every other physically present consultancy firm, We too have personal touch and emotions with our clients. They pay us better and we strive for the best. We try to help them grow rather than just completing their work. We also help them with their day to day business works and not only rely on submissions provided by them. It requires a lot more dedication, time, and motivation.

Clients freely call us and get connected to their dedicated CA and not talk and waste time with call center employees.

Better Support Services

We try to help our clients grow as mentioned earlier. When you are associated with a professional firm, you tend to discuss various activities with them which are not restricted to law but also with day to day business functioning. There are various small activities which could help you save big but doesn’t cost us anything. You may ask us a minor query which may require research and development from our end. We shall do it all but not charge you for the same. We develop a habit that if the client pays us about 15-25k an year then we should be able to solve all their queries and requirements.

Self work and funding

Our work and actives are self funded and we do not have external funding by venture capitalists and investors. This may sound bad but it really is not. We are working on our funding and our works and energy. We are not dependent on funds given by others. This being said, we are working to save and grow our investments and have personal interest in our business. We also that the base of any business is successful and happy clients and small amount of 2-3 k an year doesn’t really make a difference if we are providing a very good quality. We do not want to grow into large corporate by means of advertising and cashback. Even a small amount of satisfied clients will help us earn and thrive.

Imagine being operated by a doctor offering services for 500/- while the normal market rate for those services are 1000/- . He can offer it for 500/- only if he has funding by someone or he is going to devote less time to you and more times in multiple clients. if a doctor charging Rs. 1000/- can see 15 patients in a day a Doctor charging 500/- can see 40-50 patients by devoting less time.

We are thus relying on quality of services offered and not quantity of services offered.

Spread the knowledge. Share with Others.

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