Can I buy a DSLR camera using my father’s Amazon business account who is a contractor?

Can I buy a DSLR camera using my father’s Amazon business account who is a contractor?

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Yes, You can buy DSLR Camera using someone else’s Amazon Business Account. There is no restriction on business accounts buying personal Goods.

You, however, need to take care that you cannot claim GST input credit for the Purchased product as the DSLR is not used for business purposes. GST credit for any purchases is only allowed when the purchase has been made only for the use in business.

Even though it will reflect in your GSTR-2A, you should not claim credit for the same.

It is thus recommended to use your own personal Account for this purpose. If your father needs the DSLR for business and can justify the usage of the same for the business then in such case proportionate basis of input can be availed by him for personal and business use.

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