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(We have discontinued the Free GST registration till further updations. Thank you for your kind responses.)

Yes, We have decided to offer free GST registration to every sole proprietorship business that approaches us for sole proprietorship GST Registration. We have no terms and conditions attached to offer this. There are no cashback schemes and we do not ask you to pay us and then wait for a cashback, or affiliates required or filling up survey or clicking of advertisements. You could simply call us on 9229507555 or mail to us on and we will get you registered as soon as possible. The ASAP timings run between 2 hours to 2 days.

You must be wondering that why are doing the GST Registration without any charges ?

Anyone one could register themselves for free at GST Website. We introduced the concept of Free GST Registration to reach out and join new clients without charging any professional fees from them. We think there is no point in spending huge amounts on advertisements, or by giving cash backs and discounts. We are into professional services and thus only the Quality or work matters and speaks for itself. It is tough to explain quality to someone merely by saying and looks at it, so we decided to deliver our new clients a quality GST Registration totally free.

Thus, we decided to let the businesses opt for free registrations through us. We won’t boast but we have clients who talked with us and went for paid registrations through other service providers and then came back to us for their regular work. We really thank them and appreciate their associations.

Do we earn anything by doing this without any charges as nothing is free?

No, We do not earn a single rupee. We, in fact devote time and resources along with follow up processes while getting you registered. But, the truth is what we really earn is a new client getting associated with us along with the mouth publicity performed by them to others.. We have several clients who once registered through us, now choose to stay with us and now we generate revenue from them. You should also read “Core Ethics behind our pricing structure “.

Are we going to register our email id and phone number in your GST while Registration?

No, Your GST number is your property and it should have your email id and phone number attached to it. We register all our client’s email id and phone number as it improves transparency in our actions. Only Client can and should reset his/her password since all the OTPs are sent at registered email Ids and Phone number. Clients get to know any action taken in his/her portal. Client has full control over his portal.

Is there a necessity to continue with us after Registration?

No, as your email and your phone number is registered in your GST Id, you have full access and control of your account. You can reset the password and we have no access to your account. We are offering this free GST registration hoping to add new clients whom we can serve well and professionally. This GST registration is a form of introduction to our services and service quality. If however, if a client wants to manage his GST filings by himself, we do not and can not restrict or stop them technically and ethically.

Are we a fraud Service providers as its online and we are saying free GST registration?

You may definitely feel so. As I write this post, even I did think so and specifically included this point. If you feel so, we request you to give us a Call on 9229507555 and talk to us once. You can also verify our GST registration which verifies the date we are registered and how long have we been in business. We are also happy to charge you a price of Rs. 1399/- which is our GST registration price if it makes you trust us more. 🙂

What are the hidden terms and conditions for our free GST Registration?

None, Except, We reserve the right to deny the service of GST Registration on certain grounds such as language barriers ( as we speak Hindi and English and it is tough for us to communicate in other native languages), Technology Barriers when a client is not able to email us the documents or follow instructions as provided to them, or in a worst-case scenario when few clients we meet can be rude to us thinking it is online and they have right to get angry. We reserve the right to deny the services in such cases or otherwise.

Please do check out our Pricing and Plans to know more. Don’t forget to read why do we seem costlier then others. Definitely subscribe to our newsletter and check out our Blog and Questions and Answers Section. Download Free letters from our Letters and Format Sections

And Last a must read section if you are already registered Ways to claim 100% ITC for your business.

Thank You.

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