Which is the best portal or website to file GST returns?

GST Registrations and GST return Filings

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Hi there,

GST returns can be filed only in the GST portal http://www.gst.gov.in .

I suppose you mean which GSP(GST suvidha provider) or software provider to use to file GST returns. There are various GSPs and softwares like ClearTax , computax and many other companies. They all help you to consolidate the date and submit with convenience. Since they have high access and backend apis, they can file the returns much easily saving a lot of your time and thus cost.

Now, there is nothing like best GSP, everyone has their merits and demerits. I personally like to file with cleartax and tally json files. We file returns from businesses using busy software, marg software, tally software etc.

I have not used other softwares but when I bought cleartax, I went for it seeing their dedication towards their work. They are very enthusiastic and very helpful.

Moreover, they have advance tools which they can describe you best.

It also depends upon whom are you targeting, are you looking for solution for your own business or for a series of clients. Choose your software accordingly.

If you are looking for single client, then i guess you should outsource your work to a professional as he or she will show you one or two points in the entire year which will help you to recover the entire fees you pay them.

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