I have bought some products through aliexpress. Com I want resale same item to my client. I have GST registration. How can I issue tax invoice as product purchased don’t have GST purchase invoice from aliexpress.?

GST Registrations and GST return Filings

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There is no harm in you issuing a tax invoice even if you don’t have any purchase bills. Purchase bills are required when you are claiming ITC on the product. In your particular case, There should not be any issue as you are going to claim any input credits. You, however, need to charge complete tax meant to charged as per HSN code of your product and deposit the entire tax amount to government.

For Example suppose you bought a product A for Rs. 1000/- from aliexpress and you willing to sell this for Rs. 2000/- to a person.

In-such a case if the GST rate on the product is 18% then you will issue a GST invoice of Rs. 2360/- (2000+ 360 towards 18% GST).

If you had bought this from Indian GST registered supplier then you would have received Rs. 180 as Input Tax credit. and you wold have paid Rs. 360-Rs 180 as differential GST amount.

Since you have imported the product you will pay Rs. 360 as GST output amount.

Please make sure you comply with all invoice issuing guidelines.

Hope this helps.

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